Transform your Commercial Van into a Mobile Office

Commercial Van into a Mobile OfficeYour commercial van may be your home away from home and is often basically a mobile office. With the right van shelving and truck storage solutions, you can get a lot more done each day without spending hours trying to find the right tool for a job. With so many options now available, you may be wondering how to get started. That really all depends on whether you want to do it yourself or get help from pros.

The first step is to measure your van space. Be sure to record accurate measurements of each area in the back of the van. It can help to draw out each area including the measurements for each. If you have the budget for it, getting someone to help you install shelving and drawers is a good idea. An experienced professional will be able to think of things that you might miss. If you’re budget is limited, start by transforming one area at a time.

Next, decide if you need to install a bulkhead partition. This can separate the cab of the truck or van from the storage area and make your van seem more professional. It also cuts down on the inside noise when you’re rolling down the road. Most partitions can also be used to hang rolls of wire/rope/hose, a first aid kit or a vented gas cabinet.

Some areas will be better served by installing shelving racks while others might be better for plastic bins or trolley cabinets. In deciding about this, take into consideration what tools and equipment you use most often. Those should be more accessible. Store items you don’t use very often in those harder to reach places.  Don’t forget to accommodate all those small fittings, screws and nails with a row of smaller plastic bins that organize these parts better.

Commercial Van into a Mobile OfficeTips for Success

Ask about the product warranty and try to get products that are guaranteed for years to come so that if anything rusts or breaks, you can get it replaced. Remember to utilize accessory pieces to get the most out of small or unusual spaces. If your commercial van does not have flooring in the back, consider installing this before you install shelving. Having a solid floor helps cabinets and shelving to fit better and rattle around less.

RolaCase makes versatile storage systems for commercial vans and trucks. With many years in this industry, we understand the value of top notch van shelving and storage. We have a wide range of cabinets, shelves, sliding platforms and plastic bins that can handle all your needs. When you have a fully organized work van, you can work smarter knowing that your power tools, equipment, and parts are all secure and easy to find. When you’re ready to outfit your commercial van or truck so you can be more productive, choose Rola-Case. The Rola-Case name stands for quality and is backed by our guarantee.

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