The Latest Shelving and Storage Technology for Your Vehicle

Storage Technology for Your Vehicle

Great van shelving and truck storage solutions enable you to utilize every bit of the space in your work vehicle so that you can turn your work van into a mobile shop on wheels. Our shelves, cabinets, sliding platforms and accessories are well constructed of heavy duty steel with a powder coat finish, but some are made of high-impact plastic. They are designed with the worker in mind and are durable but lightweight.

New Shelving and Storage Technology

Rolacase’s van shelving and storage bin systems combine strength and expert design with the latest storage technology to maximize the storage capacity of your vehicle. We understand that you’re looking for strong storage solutions that are sturdy but lightweight and won’t rust. Whether you’re a part-time carpenter or a full time electrician, you need to have a place to put all your tools and equipment.

Many trades also must haul supplies like lumber, plumbing fixtures, and small appliance parts. You can spend all day searching for a part or a tool but it’s best to install a good shelving and storage system for your vehicle. When you have a long day of work ahead of you, it’s important to be able to lay your hands on exactly the right tool you need.

Fully adjustable and easy to assemble

Shelving and storage bins are available in hundreds of different configurations of height, length and shelf depth. Find the perfect application for your work vehicle. You can let a Rola-Case expert help you put together exactly the right combination of shelving, cabinets and compartments. Or you can pick and choose the products you think will work best. Most products come assembled or require a small amount of assembly and many of fully adjustable.

Storage Technology for Your VehicleTips for Success

Designed to organize and store, Rolacase van shelving systems are contoured to maximize the floor space and storage capabilities of your vehicle. Dividers can be repositioned to best accommodate your payload. Rubber matting on the floor can reduce noise and make things ride better even on bumpy railroad tracks.

Rolacase van shelving systems offer a large selection of standard sizes, and a solid attachment system. Because of the curved end panels and different depths of shelves, these units hug the wall of the van and maximize valuable floor space. When you’re ready to move your work van or truck up to the next level so you can be more productive, the choose Rola-Case. The Rola-Case name stands for quality and is back by our guarantee.

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