Brand New Rolacase Accessories

Brand New Rolacase Accessories

Today’s workers are much more conscientious about maintaining clean, well-organized tools and equipment. It’s a proven fact that you can get more done each day and save lots of steps simply by having all your equipment and tools in specific locations. Though many plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and delivery workers do have van shelving and truck storage, they forget about all those small things you can do to make your truck or van even more ready for every job you tackle with Rolacase.

Usually, these small accessories are very cost effective but can make a big difference to your work day. For instance, if you use a van like the Ford Transit, it can be very helpful to install a bulkhead partition. These generally bolt to the floor and give you the ability to hang items you need right on the metal divider. You can put hooks or reels for hoses on them, and you can also install your first aid kit or your fire extinguisher on it. Easy access plus the value of using every square inch available make this a wise investment.

Storage from Rolacase

Rola-Case has a whole line of plastic and metal bins where you can store anything from nails to small tools. If you’re really a stickler for a well-organized work van, then you can easily label each compartment so that workers no longer have to look through several cabinets or drawers to find exactly what they need. Talk about a time saver!

Brand New Rolacase AccessoriesIf your profession requires you to carry cans of fuel or other combustibles, then consider using a metal rack designed especially for 5-gallon fuel containers. This keeps these volatile products up and out of the way. But most importantly, if you have to slam on your brakes, you won’t have containers of flammable liquids being thrown around in the back of your truck.

Rola-Case is your one-stop shop for all your van shelving and truck storage needs. We’ve designed high quality storage solutions for every industry because we know how important your job is to you. We partner with today’s workforce to help them get their mobile work station fully customized so you have the tools you need without looking for twenty minutes. Your day can be less stressful and more productive when you have Rola-Case metal trolley kits, sliding platforms, and lockable cabinets with space-saving designs.

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