Wearable Technology for Better Task Management

Better Task ManagementThe latest revolution in gadgets is wearable technology. The Fitbit and other watches of its kind have blazed a path in this sector. These watches can track your daily activities and tell you how many steps you walk each day. They also tell your heart rate and some can give you info like the quality of your sleep or how many calories you’ve consumed in a day’s time.

But this technology is only in its infancy and other inventors are beginning to create tee-shirts, jackets, jewelry and even buttons for a shirt or jacket, that perform a range of tasks each day. At the moment, inventors and designers are working hard to create all types of clothing and accessories that have multiple functions. Some will eventually be designed for workers in specific industries who need an easy way to manage everyday tasks. This sector is open to clever inventions and new advancements.

Innovative sunglasses from Oakley provide coaching and feedback during your workouts or jogging. These attractive, but somewhat pricey sunglasses, deliver real-time coaching using voice-activated headphones. The software is continuously being upgraded and will most likely include other useful benefits in the future. At the moment, you can get a customized weekly training program and all the encouragement and feedback you need to stay fit.

Smart clothing is another big area where technology is taking things to new heights. Imagine wearing a tee-shirt to work each day that tracks how many steps you take, your heart rate, and breathing rate. At some point in the future, these devices might actually be able to warn you of an impending stroke or heart attack or call an ambulance for you when there’s some physical impairment or accident.

Better Task ManagementA few smart gadgets now make it possible for you to buy lunch, pay for purchases and monitor weather conditions or UV reports. The Contactless Payment Jacket from bPay uses a payment chip like the one embedded in credit and debit cards. You can walk right up to a machine that takes this type of card and pay for your purchase simply by holding your sleeve over the scanner.

For workers in the plumbing, electrical, construction and other similar industries, these wearable devices can save you time, keep track of your health issues and make it easier to get in and out of a hardware store or restaurant.

That’s the goal of today’s technology…to make life easier, healthier and better. At the moment, they may seem like fun gadgets to have and own but in a few years, you might be able to wear clothes, jewelry or a watch that will warn you if you’re dehydrated or if your body is malfunctioning in some area, so that you can stop and go get medical help before it’s too late.

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