Get the Best Use of Your Sliding Platforms

Let’s face it! Once you start to get a bit older, it becomes much harder to hop in and out of your truck. Whether you’re tired from a long day’s work, feeling lazy or just out of shape, a truck bed cargo slide may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Sliding Platforms


There are so many advantages to having a truck bed cargo slide and they’re easy to install. RolaCase cargo slides are constructed with quality powder coated steel and there are side rails and tie down points with up to 7 position locking mechanism. They can be fitted to the side or rear door opening and are 100% extendable.

Sliding platforms are ideal for curbside loading and unloading and they have a wide handle with one handed locking mechanism. Once you get your sliding platform installed, you can easily install drawer cabinets, trolley kits, and other storage cabinets on it. Or you can just leave it open and use it to access heavy tools, equipment or materials. You’ll appreciate the convenience of having your truck fitted to your trade and personal needs. This makes the work day go smoother and you’ll have less back pain at the end of the day.

RolaCase truck bed cargo slides come fully assembled with detailed installation instructions. This is a heavy duty product so you’ll need a friend to help with installing it. But once you get it installed you’ll love how accessible all your tools and supplies are. You simply grab the handle and pull and these items come to you instead of you crawling up inside the truck bed and looking around for what you need.

Sliding PlatformsToday, you’ll find a wide range of customizable drawer kits, van shelving, vehicle sliding platforms, ladder racks and many other products to make your work life much more productive. You can increase your efficiency and ensure better safety simply by installing the right van or truck shelving and storage.

It’s important to choose high quality, professional grade commercial vehicle equipment in order to get the best usage and the most life out of the product. RolaShelf is an industry leader with over 40 years of experience in product design, manufacturing, and installation. Our large selection of van racking and accessories are available as pre-designed trade packages or can easily be mix-and-matched to customize your vehicle.

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