Van Shelving Solutions for Plumbers and Electricians

Van Shelving SolutionsThere’s always plenty of work for good plumbers and electricians. You may work for a large company or have your own business, but the essentials for this type of work include a good-running work van. As most trade pros know, your work van will become a home away from home, so you want it to be comfortable. Most workers have a good idea of the type of storage and van shelving that works best for them, but if you’re just starting out, it can be a good idea to check out some of the trade packages now available.

Storage for plumbers

Most manufacturers of van shelving have a good selection of van storage items including trade packages, but if quality is important to you, be sure to choose a name brand like Rola-Shelf and Rola-Case. Finding the right one for your job may boil down to personal preference. Take into consideration the space you have in your van and the main tools and equipment you need. Many trade packages include a bulkhead partition but be sure that you’re getting the right type for your industry. Think about the weight this will add to your van as well.

Van Shelving SolutionsAsk about guarantees that the manufacturer offers and whether installation is included in the price. Of course, there are many storage options available today. You may benefit from buying a few cabinets and drawer systems that are customizable instead of a package system.

There are so numerous advantages to having a business on wheels. In addition to upfitting the back of your work van, you may also want to add some office accessories in the cab area. That way, you do have a virtual office on wheels as well, so you can do invoicing, speak to clients, make copies of paperwork etc. Be sure to buy smaller scale scanners and printers that take up less room.

Lighting is really important and there are various van lighting options available. You’ll also probably need a place for a laptop computer and your phone. Computer stands and van desks come in real handy. Don’t forget the power adapters to keep everything charged up and working.

With today’s technology, you can outfit your work van or small truck with everything you need in the back and the front to make the workflow much easier. RolaCase has been working to help trade professionals since 1982 with their van storage and shelving. We know how important your job is to you and we also know that when everything is set up properly, your work day will go much smoother. Why not take a look at all the great storage options RolaCase has to offer for plumbers?

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