Customizing your Van Racking System

Van Racking SystemFrom the front to the back, your work van is actually a business on wheels. As such, it’s important to have it organized for your specific trade. Whether you’re just starting the upfitting process or simply making some upgrades to an existing storage system, there are many van shelving solutions available today. Van racking is a good investment.

Usually, you’ll want to begin by measuring the space you have to work with, then decide on the layout. There are a few important things to consider. Do you plan to install a bulkhead? A bulkhead is a good idea for many trades because it can prevent tools from being thrown forward during a crash. There are several types available: hinged, perforated, and solid. There are many useful ways to get the most out of a bulkhead. For instance, hang your fire extinguisher and your first aid kit on it.

Bulkheads also make it easier to cool and heat the front portion of the van and they help with noise reduction. Many trade specialists believe that it gives your work van a much more professional look as well. Once you have this installed, you can begin deciding on the layout of your cabinets and shelves. If you have a solid floor in your van, you can draw the placement of shelving on the floor to make sure everything will work. Use a black marker or duct tape to outline the placement of drawers and cabinets.

Van Racking SystemIf you carry long items such as boards or a ladder, you can install a ladder kit either on top of the van or it can be installed to the roof of the van. Having the ladder on the outside is safer as far as collisions go. Most manufacturers including RolaCase, offer trade kits so that you can get the shelving necessary for your particular line of work. These kits will work for many other professions so be sure to check them out before deciding. The most common are locksmith, plumber, and electrician.

Don’t forget about accessories. You can save quite a bit of space by installing “J” hooks for hoses, a hard hat holder, door trays and such. There are quite a few accessories that will be handy, inexpensive and make the most of your space. A good supply of cargo straps is a must, along with a can of white paint to touch up surfaces that get scratched and scuffed.

If you need more information or suggestions to customize your work van, why not visit the RolaCase website and check out the many cabinets, drawer kits and other cargo van organizing solutions.

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