Truly Adjustable Shelving for Service Vehicles

A messy, unorganized service vehicle can really slow your workday down. You probably don’t even realize how much time you spend searching through the van to find the right tool or part.  Instead, try a work-ready upfit specifically for your trade. Most manufacturers of van shelving understand the importance of well-organized service vehicles so often shelving is adjustable.

Service VehiclesPlan Your Work-Ready Van

Outfitting your cargo van should start with a drawing or list of the types of tools and equipment you might need in a day’s work. Check to make sure shelving is adjustable in case your needs change over time. You might be able to save some time and simply buy a pre-assembled kit for your trade. These kits usually contain everything a locksmith, plumber, electrician, etc. might need in a day’s work.

The interior of your cargo van can handle a variety of van shelving, cabinets, and storage units. Storage products may include modular products, ladder racks, adjustable shelving and many others. There are so many ways to maximize your storage space and get the most out of your service vehicle so choose wisely.

Adjustable Shelving for Service VehiclesHandy Partitions

Partitions can be handy. They provide a separation between the driver and the cargo area. This is a safety feature that can really come in handy if you have to make a sudden stop, plus most partitions offer you the ability to mount accessories and this can increase your storage area. A good sturdy partition can hold file cabinets, a vented gas cabinet, safety flares and other important items.

To streamline your cargo van’s storage area, add cabinet and drawer modules for parts and various sized tools. Organizing well will streamline the workflow. You’ll need some other miscellaneous items as well, such as hooks, reel holders, cargo straps and window screens.

Once you start getting your service vehicle organized, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to build exactly the right mobile workshop. You can get jobs done faster and spend less time looking for things. Be sure to buy sturdy products that are lightweight and guaranteed.

Rola-Case Adjustable Shelving

RolaCase and RolaShelf have designed shelving platforms that let you place shelves where ever you need them. If your needs change, you can easily change the configuration. We also sell frame kits, trolley kits, and metal drawer kits. We have been supplying the trades with sturdy well-priced adjustable shelving and drawers since 1982. We also provide van flooring and rubber matting and with years in this industry, we know how important a worker’s mobile workstation is. Check out our website next time you need van shelving and storage.

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