Optimize Your Cargo Van

Optimize Your Cargo VanUnused  floorspace in your cargo van is a waste if you’re using it for work. Instead, find some clever new ways to transform that space into useful storage. Those who drive a cargo van in industries like plumbing, locksmith, construction and electrical usually have to carry so many tools every day, not to mention parts, lumber, and miscellany like pipe connectors, nails, screws and such.  By organizing and optimizing your cargo van, you can ensure that you’ll have the tools and materials you need to get the job done each day.

Eliminate Stress

One thing that busy workers encounter is simple stress because they can’t find what they need to do a job. Your cargo van is kind of like your workshop; think of it as a business on wheels. The faster you can get one job done and move on to the next, the more money you make, so it’s worth the trouble to organize your cargo van to where everything is right where you need it to be. That’s probably the number one thing to keep in mind when installing van shelving and storage. Put things in place where they’re most convenient and where they make the most sense to you.

Cargo VanAnother concern may be that you’re adding weight to your van so be sure to look for lightweight storage solutions if this is a concern. Today’s van shelving is constructed of several different materials. There’s a lightweight but durable plastic, aluminum and heavy gauge steel. Steel products will add the most weight but be more durable than other shelving. If you choose products like Rola-Case and Rola-Shelf, then you’ll get a good warranty. Plus, name brands like this are often designed and made under tight guidelines so they will outlast steel in many cases.

Don’t forget about all those little places where you could add just a bit of shelving, some hooks to hold hoses or drawers for small items. If space is an issue, then search for shelf towers with a small footprint. If you often need to take tools and equipment out of your cargo van, then make sure your shelving includes tool boxes that can easily be removed. Most name brands have an option for shelf ends that are perforated and this can be a great place to hang tools and hoses and get them up out of the way.

Remember that all tools and materials should be secure so that they don’t move around too much while you’re driving. One sudden stop and your workshop on wheels can become a dangerous weapon. If you still have questions, contact us at Rola-Case. We’ve been in business since 1982 helping professionals optimize their cargo van so they can get more done in less time.

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