Metal Drawer Kits for Light Duty Trucks

Light duty trucks are used in all types of businesses today, from plumbing and building contractors to electricians. This is the perfect vehicle to service clients. Most of the time, companies who use light duty trucks have very specific tools they need to carry with them in order to get the job done. If you’re a building contractor or a roofer, then you’ll need at least one good ladder and these are usually carried on top of your truck. But what about all those other tools you need each day?

Metal Drawer KitsThe Locking System

Metal drawer kits are versatile and come in a wide range of sizes. RolaCase metal drawers are heavy duty and include secure locking systems. This is important because there’s nothing worse than having all your expensive tools stolen. This can set you back thousands of dollars so it’s well worth it to spend a bit more and get metal drawers with an excellent locking system.

Sturdy Construction

Metal drawers should last a long time. They should be of heavy duty welded construction. When you’re hard at work all day repairing small appliances or servicing an HVAC, you don’t have time for poorly made shelves that fall apart after a few months. Since this equipment is for your business, it’s usually tax deductible and that makes it a business investment. Invest in a high grade of metal shelving that will stand the test of time, weather and hard labor.

Easy-Access Compartments

Every worker understands the need for a conveniently located compartment that holds a flashlight and those tools you need quick access to. Usually, these compartments are weather proof and have some type of push button lock that you can use even when your hands are full.

Metal Drawer KitsOther Important Considerations

Professionally constructed Metal Drawer Kits for Light Duty Trucks should have drawers that open and close easily. Roller bearings that get rusty will allow your drawers to get stuck and be difficult to open and close. Weather stripping will keep moisture out and that means a longer life for your tools and equipment.

RolaCase storage systems are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. We understand how important your business is and we help trade professionals succeed by giving you custom storage solutions that will last for years and become an integral part of your daily work. We supply a wide range of mobile and static workstations for light duty trucks. And most of our products have a 5-year warranty so you can be assured of getting the most out of your investment. Our shelves and drawers are designed to provide sturdy solutions that fit the way you work.

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