Best Vehicle Shelving Solutions

Regardless of what industry you work in, good vehicle shelving and storage is a must. Getting the right van or truck storage helps you to stay organized and be more productive and this directly relates to earning more money. It can also eliminate stress. There’s nothing worse than being behind schedule and you can’t find a certain tool or part. You can spend 20 minutes looking through everything and that results in irritation.

Picture of Ford LWB Transit

Best Vehicle Shelving SolutionsGetting the Right Vehicle Shelving

Customizable shelving units can be handy. But so can pre-configured shelving packages. These are designed for a wide range of professions. You may be able to get exactly what you need without much adjusting. For ladders and long materials, you can install shelving on top of your truck or van.

Hidden Truck Storage Options

If you’re pressed for space, there are tool boxes now that can be mounted under the truck bed or over gas tanks. Don’t forget about all these little hidden areas that can be used for truck shelving or storage. For instance, it’s easy and affordable to install window screens over a windows or a back van door. Many of these can be used for temporarily holding tools and equipment. Maximizing the space you have to work with can take some thought and calculations but if you work with professionals like Rolacase, you can just tell them what you need and they’ll suggest the options that will work best. This can help you save time and money.

Best Vehicle Shelving SolutionsSafety Items and Equipment

Though it’s not fun to think about accidents, they do happen. If you’re on the road every day working for 10 or 12 hours, you’re no doubt dealing with all kinds of drivers and traffic snarls. People aren’t paying attention anymore to their driving so it’s best to be prepared. One of the best solutions for protection against flying objects in a crash is installing a bulkhead. These are available for all types of light duty and heavy duty trucks and vans. There are also many types and styles so you’re sure to find something perfect for your vehicle. Be sure to have a med kit handy, along with a fire extinguisher. It’s always better to be prepared than to be caught off-guard.

When deciding on the Best Vehicle Shelving Solutions for your work and play, it can help to speak to an expert. The Rolacase pros understand what it takes for contractors to get the job done each day. We’ve dealt with every industry from landscaping to building contractors. Those who really are serious about getting the work done, want only the best. And investing in your business usually pays off since all equipment and tools are usually tax deductible so be sure to save your receipts.

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