How to Outfit your Truck for Best Efficiency

There are many reasons today why you might want or need to upgrade or outfit a truck or van. Many jobs nowadays require that you haul heavy loads or drive across rocky terrain, so a vehicle needs special upgrades to do this. Secure truck and van storage is also important.

Outfit Your TruckWheels & Tires

You probably shouldn’t start here with wheels and tires because as you upgrade and outfit your truck, your needs may change. And yet, people do often start with their wheels and tires because, well … it’s just so much fun. Imagine strolling through a tire store looking at high tensile steel-belted Toyo tires with high angle tread grooves that resist hydroplaning. There are just so many incredible choices on the market now, but most of us are limited by our budgets. Another factor to consider is all about your driving challenges, so be sure to take into consideration important things like:

  • What type of terrain will you mostly be driving over?
  • Do you need extra traction for icy roads?
  • Is ride comfort or tread life more important?
  • How important is off-road traction?

Once you determine these important factors and set a budget, this will narrow down your choices.

Outfit Your TruckTruck Storage Options

Many truck owners use their vehicle to earn a living and that means you’ll need storage for a few things. For instance, if you’re a house painter, you’ll need racks for ladders and secure boxes for brushes and rollers. Security is really important nowadays. You can just be sitting at a café eating lunch and have all your tools stolen so be sure to choose storage options that offer security.

Miscellaneous Outfitting Options

There are a number of outfitting options that you could choose based upon your needs. A utility body liner provides a good foundation for adding other upgrades. These are durable yet lightweight. Ladder rack systems are another super idea. You might benefit from installing a fuel transfer tank as well. Some vehicles should have emergency light bars installed to alert the surrounding traffic. If you carry large or dangerous equipment, this is a must.

Rolacase Van Racking Systems

One thing most contractors need is plenty of truck storage and Rolacase has quite a few options to meet this need. Our Van Racking System is sturdy and can be used for all sorts of storage. We also have cabinet kits and rolling drawers. And of course, the first aid kit. This is a must for road crews, construction workers, landscapers and many others. You never know when an accident can occur. Regardless of what industry you work in, there’s no such thing as too much truck storage but do think about your primary needs so you can get the best options for your situation.

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