Transforming Your Service Fleet: Where to Begin

Though the link between your managers and field service teams isn’t always apparent, these two areas do share a common goal: to get your customers serviced in a timely, efficient manner. Many service industries face challenges today because of budget restrictions. In order to deliver consistent and exceptional service across your industry, you must arm your service fleet with the best tools and training.

Putting Together a Shelving and Racking Plan

Service FleetThis begins with transforming your service fleet into the mission critical machines needed to do the job each day. Depending on you industry, this can take many different forms. It may be helpful to get your teams together for a meeting to discuss exactly how to best outfit vans, trucks and other service vehicles. Each department should make a list of the types of shelving and racks they need to perform their jobs. With experienced employees, you can get a better idea of the types of systems that have worked well in the past.

Install the Right Racking System

Once you have a list of the crucial tools, equipment, shelving and racking for each service vehicle, the next step is finding a good reputable company who will understand the needs in your industry and work alongside you to produce the right system for each vehicle. Rola-Case offers Trade Kits that include everything a technician in a specific industry might need. For instance, if you own a company that services HVAC systems, we have a trade kit that includes all shelving and racking necessary and the shelving is fully adjustable and very versatile. Our Rolashelf Trade Kits come complete with anchor and fitment kits.

Look for Versatile Products

Service FleetRolashelf Sliding platforms ensure that you maximize your vehicle’s load capacity. Using side rails and tie down points, you can get up to 7 locking mechanisms that are 100% extendable. Our systems are well known for their versatility.

By professionally outfitting your vans and other services vehicles, you give your technicians everything they need to perform excellent work each day and that equates to happy customers and repeat customers. Staying ahead of the competition sometimes boils down to maintaining a better fleet of services vehicles, thus giving workers the tools and technology necessary to perform well on every job.

Though technology is constantly changing, the need for well-outfitted and top-notch service vehicles remains the same. Your employees can work smarter, not harder when they have a good van that has the correct racking and shelving system and is equipped with all the tools necessary to get the job done. Cutting back on unnecessary expenses shouldn’t mean sending workers out in poorly equipped vehicles. Having a well-outfitted fleet of service vehicles is a true asset to any company and will make the job much easier for your employees, resulting in better feedback from customers.

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