Van Shelving and Racking Solutions That Work

Van ShelvingVans are a popular choice for service technicians, like plumbers and electricians. They are available in many sizes ranging from compact vans (600-900kg payload) to LWB vans with a 1200-1500kg payload. Several manufacturers even make an Extra-Long Wheel Base panel van that will haul bigger loads. These require good racking solutions however.

To get the most out of your service vehicle, it’s important to select the right shelving and racking system. Manufacturers like Rola-Case offer standard shelving and racking solutions, but they also can provide customized solutions. As with trucks, it’s important to get everything loaded correctly so there’s no imbalance. Heavy loads can be hard on the suspension and cause swaying and rolling. All these factors should be taken into consideration when choosing your shelving and racking system.

Avoiding Common Problems

Van ShelvingImproper weight distribution can cause squat and make steering and braking much more difficult.  That’s why professionals who use a service van will often have a company that specializes in racking systems to do all the work of installing the proper racking solutions. Those who are well-experienced may know exactly what they need but it can be helpful to speak with a Rola-Case specialist. Discuss your primary needs and your budget, along with any concerns and let the experts guide you on the types of products and the configuration that will work best for your industry.

Rola-Case specializes in helping you optimize your work van storage space. By selecting adjustable shelving and racks, you can easily modify your system anytime your needs change. Whatever company you work with, be sure to ask if rail kits and accessories are included. Overall weight is a big factor as well, and the weight of your shelves and racks should be figured in. Since many shelves and racks allow for the addition of drawer units, blue bins and door kits, the main issue should be the layout and configuration.

Pros and Cons of Shelving Systems

Though some service technicians will balk at the price of professional shelving and rack systems, the truth is that they can actually save you time and money by keeping everything well organized. They also give your business a more professional image and consumers says they put more faith in technicians and plumbers who arrive is a professional van with company lettering that is fully outfitted with custom shelves. These things could be considered tools of the trade, just like your wrenches and equipment.

Save Time & Money and Eliminate Stress with the Right Racking and Shelving System

Rola-Case Racking and Shelving systems are contoured to fit nicely in your panel van and give you more overall space. Having an efficient layout of drawers and shelves can make any day go better. No one enjoys spending 15 minutes searching for the right tools, but when you have a place for everything and everything is in its place, you can get the work done more quickly and move on to the next project. The Rolacase sales team can answer any questions or concerns and help you outfit your service van to get the maximum usage. Our racking solutions are fully guaranteed.

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