Shelving and Racking Solutions for Your Boat

Boat owners often share the same challenges as those who use light duty trucks for everyday work. As a boat owner, you want to take along all the important things that are necessary for a fun and pleasurable trip, but there’s only so much space to carry it all. That’s why shelving and racking solutions for boats can be very helpful.

Shelving and Racking SolutionsWoven nylon hammocks have been used for years for all your soft stuff like pillows, linens and toys. But they can also be used for practically any soft item such as paper towels, toilet paper, or chair cushions. Of course, a hanging pot rack is essential for all those pots and pans but should include a way to secure the items whenever the boat is underway or being tossed by the waves.

Rubber boat straps have been used for years for all types of purposes. They’re available in various sizes and often have a webbing tensile strength of 1,500 pounds. These are often used to secure a swim ladder to the side of the boat, but there are so many uses including securing deck chairs or fishing rods. In some cases, the common bungee strap can be used in a number of places where lightweight items need to be safeguarded.

Boat Shelving from Rolacase

When it comes to tools and equipment, it’s nice to have a professional grade shelving and racking systems. Those same products that are used on a work van or truck can also be used in boating. For instance, a sliding drawer system can be placed under a bunk or in any small area. RolaCase has a whole line of sliding drawer systems in many sizes. These are of heavy duty construction so they won’t rust out. They have secure lids that won’t pop open at an inconvenient time.

Shelving and Racking SolutionsRolacase also manufactures floor mounted, mid-mounted and high mounted shelving. Wherever you need a storage section, you can find exactly the right size. Most of our shelves, drawers and cabinets are well-made but lightweight. We understand the importance of making use of every bit of the space you have. We also make first aid kits that can be mounted just about anywhere. This is essential for any boating trip. You just never know when someone will cut their hand or nick a knuckle while working or playing.

We have a wide range of vented gas cabinets and of course no boat should cast off without a good fire extinguisher. But it’s also important to lock down fuel cylinders to ensure their safety throughout your journey. RolaCase has everything you need to outfit your boat so you can enjoy your time on board.

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