Innovative Truck Storage Tips

Many people now use a truck in their daily work, and there are numerous classifications and sizes that can work depending on what you specifically need. Though pick-up trucks are popular, a panel van or light duty truck might be more useful. Regardless of what you’re using to get the job done, one important aspect is storage. Sure, you can just throw everything in the back of your truck or van, but today’s workers are really looking for more organization. Check out the storage tips!

By organizing your tools and equipment, you can keep track of things better and lay your hands on exactly what you need. This can save time and eliminate stress. The phrase ‘work smarter, not harder’ comes to mind.

Solutions for Pick-Up Truck Storage

Innovative Truck StorageA decked truck bed storage system can give you plenty of room for tools and equipment while still leaving room to haul 2x4s. Some systems have pull-out drawers that are divided so you can separate tools from nails and screws. Be sure to check the payload capacity and construction. Most products like this are constructed of high density polyethylene and recycled steel. It’s important to get something well-constructed that doesn’t add too much overall weight to the truck. Also, ask whether the storage system will require special installation. This can add to the cost.

Light Duty Trucks

These are used every day by electricians, plumbers, glass-cutters, and many others. Though they provide a wider and more useful space in back, it’s important to organize that space so tools and equipment aren’t lost or damaged.  Cabinet kits and metal drawer kits are available in many sizes. Some are wider and some are taller. This gives you a wide range of options for outfitting your storage area. Most are constructed of heavy duty plastic. This is a lightweight option that won’t add to the overall truck weight as much. Rolacases can be used for those who need to take tools out and use them at a job site.

Customized Truck Storage Tips

Innovative Truck StorageRolacase offers a wide range of products like Rolashelf, that can be fully customized to meet your specific needs. Some service technicians enjoy and appreciate having their truck customized for their trade. This can make a day’s work go easier and smoother with less headaches. You can choose the shelving and/or drawer system that works best and have that installed by professionals so that storage products and installation are fully guaranteed.

Final Storage Tips

If you’re using your truck or van to earn a living, even if it’s only part-time work, all the expenses for storage systems are most likely tax deductible. Be sure to save all receipts and write down exactly when and why you purchased the item. Investing in your business is a good way to grow, expand and reach more customers. The Rolacase site has many good storage tips.

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